Witham Hill Coaching Team

Jamie Saunders has a wealth of experience at coaching County and Regional Gymnasts; in 2011 he took his first gymnast to National Finals, and has been to the Finals every year since.

Ex regional gymnast who has been coaching now for over 9 years, is very thorough with regards to coaching but the gymnasts seem to respond well to this. Has ambitions to get gymnasts to the nationals every year so long as there aren't any butterflies there.

Alisa Saunders is a qualified Coach and National Judge and is East Midlands and Lincolnshire's Competition Secretary who organises many of the Competitions.

Coaching now for more than 7 years, Sarah is a fun and engaging coach who got involved out of frustration sat waiting for sessions to finish and has ambitions to gain Mens Artistic Qualifications. Sarah is no stranger to competition and used to be a competitive darts player before coaching.

Been coaching at Witham Hill now for 7 years, after previously coaching in the 80's for a few years whilst also being a gymnast herself. Jo is a firm and fair coach who wishes to coach as long as possible and would like one day to try her hand at judging. Jo's favourite animal is an Elephant.

Coaching now for around 15yrs, Barbara got involved as she was extremely interested as her grandaughters were gymnasts, she loved it so much that she got involved. Barbara is somewhat firm but flexible in her coaching style and can be impulsive at times and loves any excuse to dance. Barbara coaches lots of the Recreational gymnasts and loves nothing more than to see them thrive.

Originating from Canada, Ashley's daughter took up gymnstics and Ashley got tired of waiting and watching and decided her time would be better spent helping out. Ashley is very enthusiastic and encouraging with her coaching which helps to build confident little gymnasts at all levels of ability.

Wayne could always be found watching from the waiting room plugging away at his Uni work, but as time passed the Uni work took a back seat and he became more involved. Spent time coaching Recreational before taking the reins of the Mens Artistic Squads. Keen to learn new things and thanks Head Coach Jamie for sharing his knowledge from the outset. Is currently undertaking his L3 modules. Has ambitions to take his gymnasts to the nationals in the next few years.

As an ex gymnast, coached at Witham Hill from the age of 13, Holly was keen to share what she had learnt with the new breed of gymnasts at the club. Holly has ambitions to continue to climb up the coaching ladder and eventually train high level gymnasts in the future, watch this sapce.

Started coaching as a volunteer in 2012, Keely studies Dance at college and was an ex-squad gymnast who wanted to give back some of the excellent coaching she had received as a gymnast herself. Keely has an enthusiastic coaching style and loves to incorporate gymnastics with her dance studies.

Been coaching since 2015, Emma was herself an active gymnast who, once she decided to hang up her leotard could not stay away from the gym and started coaching to remain involved. Emma wants to give back as much as she can to the sport.

Once Hannah stopped training as a gymnast she wanted to give back to the club and help others be the best they could be. Hannah is a fun and motivating coach who is apparently invincible or very possibly unbreakable as she has never broken a bone.

A lifelong fan of gymnastics, but never started coaching until her daughter started training at the club. Ruth is herself a dancer and really loves the opportunity to combine the two, Ruth is a bubbly, graceful, enthusiastic and supporting coach who has eyes on climbing the coaching ladder and possibly coaching at some time in the future. Ruth was once a firearms instructor so we know we are in safe hands then.

Started coaching at Leeds Gymnastic club, started studying at Lincoln college in 2016 and joined the coaching team to help make a difference. Has ambitions to further his knowledge and gain higher coaching levels and once spent 3 months living up a mountain in China with Daoist Monks.

Lucy has been coaching with us for a year and has just passed her Level 1, and is looking at doing her level 2

Lisa has been coaching with us since 2010 and in 2012 qualified as a Level 2.

Tash has been coaching for a number of years, and gained her level 2 in 2012